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Full Version: ds30 Loader for dsPIC33EP ?
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Hello Mikael and hello every one Smile

I used in the past this fantastic bootloader with dsPIC33FJ128MC804.
Very reliable and usefull.

Now, I designed a board with a DSPIC33EP512MC806 with the Arduino form factor.
I'm just a hobbist so It is a board that I use at home to play with sensors, motors control, RC toys...Etc etc.

I saw that ds30 Loader for dsPIC33EP is not free. I can understand that but 150€ is too much for a hobbist like me.
Do you think it is possible to have a firmware with limitations ( fix baudrate, uart only, etc etc ) at a reduced cost ?

Thank you for your time Smile
Please contact me at mikael at digsolsweden dot com.
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