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Full Version: Write Flash error PIC24FJ256GB210
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Hi, I'm trying to use Ds30 Loader (v 1.5.7-2.2.14) with PIC24FJ256GB210, but I can not write in the Flash.
I receive the following error:

Initiating write...
      Searching for BL. 
      Found PIC24FJ256GB210 FW ver. 4.0.3
      Waiting for the boot loader to be ready... ok
      Hex file successfully parsed
      Writing Flash.... verification error (1), trying again...
      Writing Flash... verification error (2), trying again...
      Writing Flash... Write Failed
      Write Flash failed
      Tx 601 Bytes/Rx 8 bytes/0, 5s
      Write failed

Baud: 57600

Config _ _ CONFIG1, JTAGEN_OFF/* JTAG */& GCP_OFF/* Code protect */& GWRP_OFF/* Write protect */& ICS_PGX2/* ICD Pins SELECT */& FWDTEN_OFF/* Watchdog timer */& WINDIS_OFF/* Windowed WDT */& ALTVREF_ALTVREDIS &/* Alternate VREF location Enable-< < < GB210 Only >> > */& FWPSA_PR128/* watchdog */& WDTPS_PS32768/* watchdog */
Config _ _ CONFIG2, IESO_OFF/* Two-speed startup */& PLLDIV_NODIV &/* 96 MHz PLL prescaler Select */& FNOSC_FRCPLL/* Oscillator selection */& FCKSM_CSDCMD/* clock switching and clock monitor */& OSCIOFNC_ON/* OSC0/RC15 function */& IOL1WAY_OFF &/* IOLOCK One-Way Set Enable */& POSCMOD_NONE/* Oscillator selection */
Config _ _ CONFIG3, WPEND_WPENDMEM/* Write protect Range selection */& WPCFG_WPCFGDIS/* Write protection Config page */& WPDIS_WPDIS/* Write protection */& WPFP_WPFP255/* Write Protection Flash page */

What can be the problem?
Thank you.
What is the output with debug mode enabled?
Please post the boot loader project(zipped).
(2017-12-03, 19:43:20)Mikael Gustavsson Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
What is the output with debug mode enabled?
Please post the boot loader project(zipped).

Hi Mikael, in the meantime I solved....
I  have mistake put several times in the CONFIGx the character "&".
This generated an incorrect value of the "Flash Write Protect" values.

Thank you.
Good to hear.
(2017-12-04, 09:19:21)Mikael Gustavsson Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
Good to hear.

Hi Mikael, the bootloader on PIC24FJ with GUI Loader seems to work fine.
But I would need to change some controls in the GUI (address for programming on RS485 bus with non-standard protocol).
Is it possible to have sources in C#?
The source code is not available. If you are willing to pay for it, we can probably work something out. Contact me from https://ds30loader.com