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Full Version: pic32 bootloader
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I've been using the ds30 with some success for some time now; however, I'm trying to flash a new device (my pic32mx320f128h) and the ds30 loader is not able to find the bl.

I've tried to flash the device through mplabx and also through the mplab ipe, but ds30 is still not finding it. Are there other steps I need to take to get my bootloader onto my pic?
PIC32 is no longer supported in the free edition. Please consider purchasing a commercial license. See http://www.ds30loader.com for more information.
Mikael, I have a commercial ds30 that I use for school.
I'm flashing the bootloader hex that was provided to me, but ds30 will not find the bl. This is happening on multiple boards.
This forum is for support of the free edition. Contact details has been sent to you via PM.