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Full Version: dspic30f6014 bootloader
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I am using DSPIC30f6014. After I load the bootloader hex code via ICD once, I want to load my code via RS232. For this reason, I want to use ds30loader. I downloaded it from this forum.
My question is:
1-I load the bootloader code via ICD3. Then I try to check for the bootloader on ds30loader. But it cannot find the bootloader. What can be the problem?
Check the configuration bits and boot loader settings in settings.inc.
Got the same problem here. Here is the message on ds30 GUI
Reseting device...ok
Searching for bl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . timed out

Try both auto detect baud rate or use defined baud rate 9600, can not work
Debugger see:
when call user_code.inc, it return to "__reset:mov #__SP_init, WSTPTR".