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Full Version: comments/requests on ds30loader gui [solved]
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(I have moved this to gui instead of 8-bit where I originally posted it)

I have spent quite a bit of time the last couple of days using ds30loader with an 18F26K22. It has been very consistent and pretty much bulletproof.

I am quite pleased that such a customizable tool is finally available for the whole pic family. In the past we had to find a loader (such as tiny or trutrack) that came with a gui and a few files targeting specific chips at specific clock rates. Those were great loaders, but now we can target any chip, any clock, and load it from any platform. A great big thank you to Mikael for making this available. I have a couple of comments and requests:

- I use the auto-switch-to-terminal so I can see boot messages after load. To re-write after a re-compile, I need to click Close, and optionally but usually click Clear-Rx, then click Write. It would be nice if Write would automatically close/clear for me with one click instead of three.

- How about being able to also press the W on the keyboard to Write? I am reaching with one hand to power-cycle the target, and it is easier to hit a key with the other hand than control a mouse at the same time.

- Is there a way to clear or edit the drop-down list in Basic/Hex-file? It would be nice to get rid of all the old stuff so I can quickly find the hex files with which I am mostly working.

- Where is the config data stored? I am guessing it is in the registry but I am not sure. I do love the fact that the loader is a single exe and there is no setup-into-windows, but it would also be nice if there was in an ini file in the same directory as the exe -- then I can send someone a small zip that is ready to go with the exe, ini, and hex files. Right now it looks like I need to tell a co-worker every setting in every tab to get their loader set the same as mine.

These are all small things -- just things I noted as I started to get used to the loader. I really am very happy with it, and now wanting to try the mac version when I get a chance.
gil smith
Thank you for the feedback! It is much appreciated.

1. I will consider this feature
2. You can press F2 when advance mode is enabled
3a. Right click and select "remove from list"
3b. View->Open settings directory, exit ds30 Loader GUI, remove the files
4. You can copy settings.xml and recentfilexxxx.xml from 3b to the same directory as the exe file and they will be used
Hi Mikael:

I appreciate it. I missed the F2 option -- that will be handy. Just need that auto-terminal-close (with optional rx window clear), and it will be perfect.

The right-click-remove-from-list (or just removing the files) works great for cleaning up the drop-down box, and putting the settings files in the same directory as the exe is just what I needed.