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Full Version: Other requests on ds30loader gui [solved]
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First, thanks for your great bootloader. I'm using now with my projects and I think it's the better, in all respects, than I have tested. However, like teletype-guy, I have a couple of requests:

I usually use several boards whith the same dspic, but when I connect a new one it maps with a different COM port. I don't know how to refresh the COM list of the GUI without reiniciate the program. Not's a critical issue, but that would allow us to work more quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, I'm using dsPIC30F6012A. In the last post that I send in march, there was a bug in the gui for this pic. Would be possible to free a new version soon?

Thanks for your support.
Thank you for the feedback and the improvement suggestion!
I have put the suggestion on the to-do list.

Do you really need to write configs or do you just want to get rid of the warning?
Hi Mikael,

If it's possible, I want to write config through an option (only if it's checked).

Thanks for your support.
It's already available on the advanced tab. Enabled advanced mode on the view menu first.
Sorry, I hadn't seen.
Now, this option appears deactivated, I think because the config error of my pic.