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Full Version: 'nuther request or two for your awesome GUI [solved]
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I have been using the 1.5.3 version of the GUI (on win7 64b) and it is running great.

I did have one problem at first, as I tried to rename the exe somewhat and it said "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." OK it didn't really say that, but it showed a blank hosed-up sort-of main screen (and the checkbox for opening the pod bay doors was disabled).

I originally wanted to add version numbers to the exe so I could compare 1.5.1 and 1.5.3. I finally figured out that you can append some text to the name at the proper spot, and that the 1.5.1 version required up to the ds...GUI to be intact, and the 1.5.3 version needed up to ds...Gui intact (gui case-sensitive). Clever marketing bit to keep your filename intact! But the upshop is that appending a -151 or -153 works fine; just don't mess with the main part of the filename.

But I digress. I really wanted to say thanks for adding the "terminal-clear-on-close" checkbox, which saves me a click.

You could save me another click by adding a "clear-and-close-on-write/F2" checkbox. It would be great to not have to mop stuff up just to reload some code. Minor tweak, but would be nice.

Your menu should also read "Write/F2" instead of just "Write" so us tired old farts don't have to remember/look-up too much stuff.

One last request: I'd like to see more than one line on the terminal window, and don't need to see so many lines on the loader window. While I can drag the vertical divider to do that, it is not saved when I exit/restart the loader. Would be nice. Nothing critical.

Thanks again for ds30LoaderGUI... (1.5.1) and ds30LoaderGui... (1.5.3) (case-dependent!), and helping us poor, desperate shmucks get some micros to work for us.
Thanks for the feedback. I will consider your requests to the next release.

F2 and all the other keyboard shortcuts are already visible in the menus.
Try this: