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Full Version: relative filenames in xml files?
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Hi Mikael:

I like to keep the loader exe, related xml files, and hex files for my finished projects in one folder. This makes it easy to move to a different machine if needed (or email to someone), with one small problem: the hex filenames are in the xml files in absolute form (C:\yada-yada...hex). This means if I copy the folder from my dev laptop to a machine at the bench I must place the folder in exactly the same location (the easiest of which is simply at c:\), otherwise I need to reload every hex file and delete the old ones in the gui.

Is there a way to use relative filename references in the xml files (for example, test.hex or myfolder\test.hex)?


Relative file names in the xml files are currently not supported.
Maybe if you put the hex file together with the exe and make sure that the current directory is set to the directory of the executable you may edit the xml files and use only the file name.