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Full Version: hello timeout
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I am not being able that the console to acknowledge the --ht=hello timeout option.
I am writing it as --ht=15000. The result is "unknown option".

Can you help me?

Thank you,
Which version are you using?
The version is 1.0.6
Please try the latest release.
Thank you.
The console last release is not able to write the .hex file in the PIC.
The 1.0.6 version does it.

Press any key to begin write

Initiating write...
Searching for bl . . . . . . . . . . . .
Found PIC16F1519 fw ver. 1.0.1
Waiting for bootloader to be ready...ok
Hex file successfully parsed
Writing flash.....verification error, try 1
Writing flash...verification error, try 2
Writing flash...write failedfailed
Tx 228 bytes / Rx 8 bytes / 3,4s
Write failed

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