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cannot get anything to work on my mac os lion 10.7.5 . how do i get gui to open in mac os lion ?
Have you installed the Mono framework? It can be downloaded at http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html
Yes i have done that and i still am getting nothing with the gui.exe file . Dont know how the mono works or if i need to do anything to make it work .
This is from ds30 Loader - GUI manual, have you tried this?
Quote:Run command: mono ds30LoaderGui.exe
If there are graphics related problems, different environment variables can be set to change
how mono does graphics. Try them one by one:
Yes i have renamed the file mono ds30LoaderGui.exe and my mac still opens it as a document and not a program . I am a multiwii guy and multiwii apple files are not .exe files . I am not familiar with this mono thing , or getting .exe files to work on my mac mini .
You should not rename the file. You need to start a terminal window Finder-Applications-Utilities-Terminal. From there change directory to ds30 Loader\bin and issue the command "mono ds30LoaderGui.exe". See the attached screenshot.
Ok that got gui working , thanks ! And also do i have to do that everytime i open gui ?
Yes you do. Unless there is a way to create a shortcut with that command. I am not that familiar with MAC OS X...