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RS485 address system - richcj10 - 2014-08-30


First off, what a wonderful system developed here.
I can see this took a lot of work. Smile

I am working on a car project that uses RS485 in the car instead of CAN.
We have pics all over the car doing various tasks and my software group was complaining about moving the programer around. I stumbled on this project and found that it will work really well.

But, we have multiple processors on one buss. Is there a way of adding a address so we can program them individually?

RE: RS485 address system - Mikael Gustavsson - 2014-09-02

Thank you Smile

That should be doable with the commercial version of ds30 Loader. Please visit ds30loader.com for contact details.

RE: RS485 address system - richcj10 - 2014-09-06

What if we wanted to do this on the open source version? 
This project is for a university team.