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MPLABX Loadable - 16F1937 - dougcfl - 2015-05-30

I have the bootloader working and it loads my application just fine.  I can reload the application without issues.  Now I would like to flash the bootloader and my application at the same time.  I'm doing this using the Loadables of MPLABX.  When I insert the bootloader hex in the Loadables of my application project in MPLABX I get a conflict at address 0h when the linker tries to merge the hex files.  What settings do I need to change to accomplish this? I'm using MPLABX v2.30.

RE: MPLABX Loadable - 16F1937 - Mikael Gustavsson - 2015-06-02

As I am very busy this kind of support is not free. Contact me from ds30loader.com if you are willing to pay for it.