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PIC24F(V)32KA302 issue - lolo - 2015-07-27


I downloaded the free edition and have an issue with.
I try to use it with a PIC24F(V)32KA302 but it always finds a "PIC24FJ256DA110"!
UART works correctly.
First , I modified file "devices_PIC24F" and add the PIC24FV32KA302 version (even if "DEVICEID" doesn't match with datasheet. How does it work?? For example, DEVICEID = 37 for 24f32KA302 and datasheet says "01000101 00010010 = PIC24F32KA302" = 17682!!!???) but that didn't work.

Finally, I tried directly with PIC24F32KA302. but that didn't work neither and get the same message : "Found PIC24FJ256DA110 Firmware version timed out"

Any idea?

Thank you,


RE: PIC24F(V)32KA302 issue - lolo - 2015-07-28

I had an error about UART pin configuration. RX was not in input so now my PC can communicate properly with my chip.
BUT I still have trouble! Now GUI find a dsPIC and stop the communication again!!!

I 'm sure that DEVICEID is wrong but I have difficulty to figure out how I have to set it.

Could you help me please??

Thank you,

RE: PIC24F(V)32KA302 issue - Mikael Gustavsson - 2015-08-23

Post the output.