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Long Path Names - JimM - 2013-06-18


Are there limitations to length of the path or the characters that can be used in the filename of a hex file to be loaded? We are calling the ds30LoaderConsole.exe from a visual basic program using the command:

program_process = Process.Start("G:\Engineering\Electrical Engineering\APPS AND LOADERS\ds30Loader\ds30LoaderConsole.exe", _
" --file=" & hexFileDir & _
" --device=pic18f6622" & _
" --port=com1" & _
" --baudrate=9600" & _
" --writef" & _
" --ht=10000" & _
" --polltime=500" & _
" --timeout=3000" & _
" --port-open-delay=0" & _
" --non-interactive")

It seems to work when the variable "hexFileDir" does not contain a space.
Does this seem to be a known limitation?

We are using ds30 Loader console free edition 1.0.8
ds30 Loader engine 2.2.8


Jim Mallabar Sad

RE: Long Path Names - Mikael Gustavsson - 2013-06-18

From the ds30 Loader console manual Wink
Quote:Option values containing spaces need to be enclosed with quotation marks, the quotation
marks should surround the entire argument like this “option=value”.


RE: Long Path Names - JimM - 2013-06-19

It's amazing how many times 3 of us read that manual without ever reading the 1st paragraph of how to use the program.

Thank you very much for pointing out the obvious.