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    Thread: Native Linux Client?
Post: RE: Native Linux Client?

Mikael Gustavsson Wrote: (2014-05-01, 21:44:05) -- Hi, Thank you for contacting me about this. The native version is not available in the free edition of ds30 Loader. I will improve the documentati...
K_Trenholm Console 2 9,356 2014-05-02, 14:58:15
    Thread: Native Linux Client?
Post: Native Linux Client?

Hey everyone, I'm looking in the console manual for the free ds30loader and it mentions a native linux client. However in the latest release I don't seem to have anything other than the windows ex...
K_Trenholm Console 2 9,356 2014-05-01, 17:20:51
    Thread: PIC24FV32KA304 bootloader timeout. Incorrect settings? [SOLVED]
Post: PIC24FV32KA304 bootloader timeout. Incorrect sett...

SOLUTION FOUND: The UART pins were coming up as analogs not as digital I/O. I noticed that in the code there were statements for the compiler to throw an error in this case but for some reason it wa...
K_Trenholm 16-bit firmwares 1 6,969 2014-01-06, 19:49:12