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    Thread: PIC12F1840
Post: RE: PIC12F1840

It lives !!! Turns out the problem was banksel.  After reading your post I did some more reading and it seems like some pic's want you to use banksel, and others don't care either way. also, you...
Mr_Booo 8-bit firmwares 3 8,990 2016-03-07, 16:23:25
    Thread: Cannot use port RA3 MCLR as Input on 12F1822
Post: RE: Cannot use port RA3 MCLR as Input on 12F1822

Configuration bits are set once and once only when the pic is programmed by the pickit or whatever ICSP you use. That is why you have to set it up in the boot loader the way you want to use it in y...
Mr_Booo 8-bit firmwares 3 7,736 2016-02-28, 13:28:23
    Thread: PIC12F1840
Post: PIC12F1840

Hi I am not getting this to work no matter how hard I try.  There was a thread that had some configuration settings but I lost it... I tried setting USE_BRGH to 0 since that is what it is after ...
Mr_Booo 8-bit firmwares 3 8,990 2016-02-23, 18:37:06
    Thread: 18F25K20 again ?
Post: RE: 18F25K20 again ?

Hi. I feel kinda stupid, but I have to say a BIG THANKS Mikael. It turnes out that the MAX3232 chip I was using simly looped back EVERYTHING sent to it from the terminal. So everytime I do a loop...
Mr_Booo 8-bit firmwares 3 10,177 2014-06-08, 16:10:40
    Thread: 18F25K20 again ?
Post: 18F25K20 again ?

I am stumped. I got this bootloader going on a 16F887 and a 18F14K22. I have been struggling with the 18F25K20 for 3 days now. The GUI simply does not recognise the chip. I checked weather PLL wa...
Mr_Booo 8-bit firmwares 3 10,177 2014-06-06, 20:48:52