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Config bits need remapping [solved]
Hi everyone,

I am trying out this bootloader... Which is great!!

However, when I try and load code onto the chip with the bootloader using the console, I get the following error:
" Last row containing configs was found in hex file, last page has been disabled. Consult manual for more information."

I looked in the console manual and could find nothing on this. However, when I use the GUI there is no problem...

How can I solve this issue??

I am writing for a PIC24FJ, using MPLABS and C30. I have tried to figure out how to remap the actual config bits to no luck. So any input welcome!!

Thanks in advance!
Hi,They cant be remapped. If you really want to write configs (which is not recommended) use the write configs switch.
Most likely your linker hasn't put any data or code in the last page and therefore it won't be a problem that it's no getting written.

Thank you.

(2011-06-21, 15:12:40)Jermcb Wrote: Thank you.

It also does not work if no config information  in hex-file.

With the gui-version it works proper.

I need help?
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