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PIC18F46K22 no response

I'm trying to get ds30loader running on a PIC18F46K22. My config looks like this:

  CONFIG  FOSC = INTIO67        ; Oscillator Selection bits (Internal oscillator block)
  CONFIG  PLLCFG = OFF          ; 4X PLL Enable (Oscillator used directly)
  CONFIG  PRICLKEN = ON         ; Primary clock enable bit (Primary clock is always enabled)
  CONFIG  FCMEN = OFF           ; Fail-Safe Clock Monitor Enable bit (Fail-Safe Clock Monitor disabled)
  CONFIG  IESO = OFF            ; Internal/External Oscillator Switchover bit (Oscillator Switchover mode disabled)

  CONFIG  PWRTEN = OFF          ; Power-up Timer Enable bit (Power up timer disabled)
  CONFIG  BOREN = SBORDIS       ; Brown-out Reset Enable bits (Brown-out Reset enabled in hardware only (SBOREN is disabled))
  CONFIG  BORV = 190            ; Brown Out Reset Voltage bits (VBOR set to 1.90 V nominal)

  CONFIG  WDTEN = OFF           ; Watchdog Timer Enable bits (Watch dog timer is always disabled. SWDTEN has no effect.)
  CONFIG  WDTPS = 32768         ; Watchdog Timer Postscale Select bits (1:32768)

  CONFIG  CCP2MX = PORTC1       ; CCP2 MUX bit (CCP2 input/output is multiplexed with RC1)
  CONFIG  PBADEN = OFF          ; PORTB A/D Enable bit (PORTB<5:0> pins are configured as digital I/O on Reset)
  CONFIG  CCP3MX = PORTB5       ; P3A/CCP3 Mux bit (P3A/CCP3 input/output is multiplexed with RB5)
  CONFIG  HFOFST = ON           ; HFINTOSC Fast Start-up (HFINTOSC output and ready status are not delayed by the oscillator stable status)
  CONFIG  T3CMX = PORTC0        ; Timer3 Clock input mux bit (T3CKI is on RC0)
  CONFIG  P2BMX = PORTD2        ; ECCP2 B output mux bit (P2B is on RD2)
  CONFIG  MCLRE = EXTMCLR       ; MCLR Pin Enable bit (MCLR pin enabled, RE3 input pin disabled)

  CONFIG  STVREN = ON           ; Stack Full/Underflow Reset Enable bit (Stack full/underflow will cause Reset)
  CONFIG  LVP = ON              ; Single-Supply ICSP Enable bit (Single-Supply ICSP enabled if MCLRE is also 1)
  CONFIG  XINST = OFF           ; Extended Instruction Set Enable bit (Instruction set extension and Indexed Addressing mode disabled (Legacy mode))

All memory protection is off too.

I set OSCF to 16000000

I added this to the UserInit macro:

            clrf    ADCON0
            clrf    ADCON1
            clrf    ADCON2
            clrf    ANSELA
            clrf    ANSELB
            clrf    ANSELC

            clrf    CM1CON0
            clrf    CM2CON0
            clrf    CM2CON1    

            bcf     TRISA,7
            bcf    LATA, 7

RA7 is connected to a MUX that multiplexes UART1 to an FTDI cable and a RN171 wifi module. The signal is getting to RX1 no problem, I can see that on my scope.

I also tried this:

    ; Toggle pin, frequency on pin = PIC frequency / 16
    if 1
    bcf    TRISA, 0
tsfloop        bsf LATA, 0
    bcf LATA, 0
    bra tsfloop

And yes, the pin wiggles. Yes, I put back "if 0" after that.

Can I do something when I receive a chracter? If so, what?
How is your oscillator setup?
I have tried different oscillator setups, all work now. The problem was that the baudrate was calculated differently and that the pin direction of the send pin was not initialized.

I also have a Python bootloader which works for an 18F67K22 and also for small programs for the 18F46K22 but not large programs. I'm looking for a CLI bootloader that can run on a Beaglebone Black or Raspberry Py so I can reprogram my PIC remotely.
Thank you for posting the solution.

If you are ready to pay for it, ds30 Loader native console is available for Linux.

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