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Option to reset from both RTS and DTR simultaneously.
I'd like to ask if there is a possibility to include an option in the next revision of the Loader to reset uC via RTS and DTR simultaneously. That option would be nice when using MCP2200 for USB-UART bridge from Windows, because there is a known issue with Windows drivers and RTS is toggled only whet DTR is toggled in the same moment.

Best Regards,
Mitko P.

PS: It turns out the issue with Microchip drivers is now solved. You could consider my request void!

I was not able to reset the uC via RTS signal because I had configured MCP2200 with "Enable CTS/RTS pins" option. This option actually makes CTS/RTS lines controlled by hardware (quite confusing!!!) and it is not possible to toggle RTS from software (i.e. ds30 Loader).

Now with CTS/RTS pins "not enabled" everything works like a charm and flash programming with ds30 Loader is stunningly fast and easy! Mike, thank you for the great product you share with us!
Thank you for the feedback! Smile
I appreciate it.

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