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Config bits need remapping [solved]
Hi everyone,

I am trying out this bootloader... Which is great!!

However, when I try and load code onto the chip with the bootloader using the console, I get the following error:
" Last row containing configs was found in hex file, last page has been disabled. Consult manual for more information."

I looked in the console manual and could find nothing on this. However, when I use the GUI there is no problem...

How can I solve this issue??

I am writing for a PIC24FJ, using MPLABS and C30. I have tried to figure out how to remap the actual config bits to no luck. So any input welcome!!

Thanks in advance!

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Config bits need remapping [solved] - by Jermcb - 2011-06-16, 16:50:58
RE: Config bits need remapping - by Jermcb - 2011-06-21, 15:12:40

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