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pic24fj256ga106 cannot succeed make it work
Dear all,
Hello, and I hope you are well in such difficult times that we are going through!!!please be safe and stay home!
Now name is George and I am here to ask for your help.
Well, I am trying to implement a bootloader for the pic24fj256ga106 but after days of trying I thing I cannot....i used successfully the 18f firmware to program a 18f67j50 it went like a breeze perfect....well it is not the same case for the pic 24..... I will upload the project I have made with the relative changes ( boot_mplab_project ) so if someone has any suggestions it would be great.
I changed the configuration bits, I remapped the inputs/outputs, I changed the fcy.....nothing.
Thanks a lot and once again stay safe

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pic24fj256ga106 cannot succeed make it work - by kabouras_33 - 2020-03-31, 09:25:52

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