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PIC24FJ256DA206 - problem with overwrite bootloader [solved]
Hi Mikael.
I found your bootloader and it's a great solution for me. Realy usefull bootloader.
But can you help me with this?

I'm using PIC 24FJ256DA206. Bootloader is in one special project, aplication in other project.
When I export hex (File -> Export) from aplication project and I'm trying flash it to device (with ds30 Loader GUI), wrote me issues "The hex-file contains code that will overwrite the bootloader".
When I tick "Don't write empty pages", everithing is ok and flashing is correct.
Bootloader is located to page 169.
Exported hex from aplication project contains code from 0x00000h to 0x2ABF6h, what means up to page 170 (over existing bootloader).
When I export code from 0x00000h to 0x0x2A3FEh (without pages 169 and 170), everithing is ok (even without tick "Don't write empty pages").

My question is, how can I restrict aplication project in order to code in aplication occupy only memory , where bootloader not placed?
So, every pages except page 169 (bootloader).
When I properly understood, memory place between adress 0x2A800h to 0x2ABF6h is free (see picture adress.png).
Can I reaach this with any linker script or what?
How can I see Usage Memory Gauge in aplication project only with real usable memory range (without bootloader memory range)?
Is it possible?
Correct me, if I'm wrong.

Do you understand what I mean? I hope that you can help me with this.

Best regards


[Image: adress.jpg]
[Image: GUI.jpg]

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