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User app vector should be relocated
Hi everybody,

I'm using ds30 bootloader on a pic16f1824. 
Recently, I get this error message :
"Detected instructions or data where user app vector should be relocated"
This message appears when my code exceeds ~ 2200 words .. (4000 words are available on the flash)
I don't know why ..

Thanks for any help.
Fixed !

For anyone who get the same issue

I have to modify my mplab ide project configuration.
By default, xc8 create hex file with "holes" (program code don't fill correctly the whole flash space, don't know why ... )
For prevent that, go to your project configuration -> xc8 linker, choose memory model in drop down menu, and set ROM range accordingly to your config
(for me, 0-E44 fits my needs)

That's all  Big Grin
Thank you for the report.

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