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ds30loadergui does not work

I do not speak English and have to work with translation software, so sorry for the possibly erroneous translation.
If I'm looking for a boot loader that can not only be operated via command line, I came across its s30 loader GUI. The downloaded software ds30loadergui.exe can indeed be started and the user interface is built up but then no further operation is possible. All entries are roughened and the tabs can not be selected. Any operation of the program is impossible. Where is the problem? I use Win7 64 and 4.5 is installed, the anti-virus program classifies the software as dangerous, manually there was an exception set, but that does not change the fact that nothing can be operated.
Please send a screenshot of ds30 Loader GUI with your settings.

Which settings? It can not enter anything, the program is dead after starting.

Find here no function to upload pictures.

As I said the program starts but all menus are grayed out and not operable, the message window is empty.
Is this still a problem?

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