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dspic30f6015 [solved]
I am getting 2 different errors.

1_I am getting this error after writing an hex code to my PIC trying to check for bl. I need to wait powerless for at least 30secs in order to not get that error. Maybe because of capacitors?

Internal error 0xFCFF

2_While trying to write another hex code. I can not find any solution for this. Just after writing bootloaders hex to my MCU i can use bootloade only once. When try to write another hex file with bootloader i get this error (attached)

Internal error 0xFCF6

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To invoke the boot loader after writing your application you need to reset the device, either manually or automatically using a reset command or reset by rts/dtr.

Framing errors are typically caused by a baud rate mismatch or hardware problems. What does your connection between PC and PIC look like?

Focus on the framing error and how you invoke the boot loader and the internal error will go away.

2. Please zip and post the hex file here.
Now i remove my problem with manuel reset. Can i reset mcu via software just before using bootloader? When i checked gui i found reset section. There is a command line but couldnt understand the right format. is that the line send a value to reset mcu before programming via bootloader? And what is the right format. i want to send "r" in ascii just before using bootloader. When my mcu get "r" from serial port it will reset itself and that will start programming via bootloader. Do you have any idea?

Thank you.
İ also remove that problem. Send r to my pic and call reset function. Everything works greate. Thank you Smile
i also reconfigure wait time after reset which was 10sec and to long. Now 1 sec.

Here is the bootloader which is working perfect on dspic30f6015.

Which uses internall osscillator and 38400 baudrate and gui 2 (rx2 tx2).

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.zip   bootloader (Size: 68.2 KB / Downloads: 30)

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