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Surgical Dressing China
Spunlaced breathable adhesive, spunlaced plaster, and spunlace plaster
Spunlaced breathable adhesive tape is also called spunlaced cloth plaster cloth, spunlaced cloth plaster cloth stickers
Product structure: Spunlaced cloth, medical pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper composition. According to customer needs can be added impermeable membrane, impermeable ring. product
Product features: self-adhesive, convenient, beautiful appearance, high-grade, anti-allergic, does not damage the skin
Specifications: 6*6 7*7 9*12 12*16 11*14 13*17
Advantages of the product: The plaster base fabric has good quality and moderate viscosity. More than 120G imported glassine paper; anhydrous thorn cloth more than 55G. Medical pressure sensitive adhesive more than 50g, various grades, existing specifications 12*9.5 6*6 12*15 12*8 6*6 7*7, etc. 20 specifications, specific specifications can be customized! . Quality is quite competitive in the industry
Product Features
◆Waterproof, breathable, sweat resistant, can bathe with drugs, even swim
◆Elasticity is very good, it can adapt to joints, stretching freely
◆ Long application time, can maintain 7-15 days of stickiness in hot summer
◆ good adhesion, no Alice, better prevent leakage
◆ Extremely low allergenicity
◆ very strong comfort
Features: Compared with traditional dressings, it has the following remarkable features: Plaster paste (without medicine) is hypoallergenic, does not degumming, and removes painlessness. The product tape is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on a medical non-woven fabric, has good air permeability, strong elasticity, and can be bent freely without looseness. It is more convenient and simple to peel off the easy tear strip that comes with it for the first time. Unique rounded design, better prevent shedding, not easy to tilt. Easy to use and beautiful.Surgical Dressing China

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