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PIC16F1938 bootloader
Dear all,

I have attached the bootloader for PIC16F1938 with little modicafications
in the original code.
It may help someone as like me.
I have used pin RA5 for bootloader mode during power ON condition forĀ 
2 seconds , after which it will go to user application.


Attached Files
.zip   ds30 Loader -v26 hwlck for (Size: 1,022.94 KB / Downloads: 19)
Thank you for the contribution.
Thank you for sharing your modified PIC16F1938 bootloader with us! Your kind contributions will surely help others who are going through similar difficulties. It's a smart solution to use RA5 for bootloader mode in the first two seconds after powering up. A collaborative atmosphere is fostered by your openness to share your insights. Have a nice day!

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