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High Pressure Foam Lance suppliers
Cover your car in a flurry of foam quickly with our Snow Foam Car Cleaner! Every car wash is different: different car colors, different types of contamination, different amounts of dirt, different uses for the cleaned cars. We make sure you will get the thickest and slickest foaming experience with our Snow Foam car cleaner. The benefit of using a foam gun to deliver the soap to the car is that it doesn't require you to touch the car, which could rub dirt against the paint. The Foam car cleaner sprays the car with a thick coat of soap to loosen dirt. With dusty or lightly dirty cars, you do not need to hand-wash. The Foam car cleaner minimizes the amount of hands-on contact with the car, which can minimize wash-induced swirls. Plus, You've never seen a foam cannon like this!
This foam car cleaner turns a pressure washer into a high powered foamer by producing a thick foam! Give your car a "touch-free" wash with this high powered foam car cleaner. The velocity of the water combined with a quality car shampoo will create amazing suds. This wash process actually uses less water at a higher pressure, so its eco-friendly.
Our Foam car cleaner is made of brass for maximum durability with a 1 liter fluid tank(contain the mixed solution). A vertical jet nozzle is included so you can apply foam or rinse in a sweeping side to side motion. This nozzle allows you to work around and then down the car, which is the recommended way to wash your loved car.
For a good result, using a foaming shampoo in your Foam car cleaner bottle. These shampoos are developed specifically for foam car cleaners and produce an incredible amount of foam. It may take some experimentation to get your preferred dilution, but typically start with 1 ounce of shampoo. Pour the solution into the Foam car cleaner fluid tank, connect it up with your pressure washer, and let the foam fly!
1. Standard with 1/4" quick disconnection fitting( we also provide variable connector options for different pressure washers).
2. Slim waist design fluid bottle, easy to hold with 0.22Gallon(1L) capacity.
3. We use standard spraying orifice diameter 0.15mm, which is suitable for both home use pressure washer (kacher series) and industrial pressure washer (Honda engine powered cleaning machine).
Here is specified pressure range: Required pressure: 70BAR - 1000PSI; Required flow: 2.0Gpm; Maximum pressure: 200BAR - 3000PSI; Maximum flow:5.3Gpm.
4. Foam car cleaner core is made of quality brass.The main body is solid brass. There are two adjustments that allow you to dial-in the sprayer for any situation: top dial is for foam dispensing amount and the nozzle adjusts the spray pattern (wide to narrow).
5. Multiple use: Car, Motorcycle Washing, floors,Windows washing, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing and so on. Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.It can be directly connected with the gun on the pressure washer.
GOOD FOAM car cleaner - Nice nozzle foams great, coats the car well; It gives lots of thick foam on a wide or narrow spray; reaching high to clean the siding; The soap can be turned off to give you a wide or narrow rinse with clean water.
EASY TO USE - just fill up the reservoir bottle with soap, click in to your existing pressure washer lance or trigger, adjust the knob for your desired foam level, and spray! Hose water from compressor comes quick for a cleaner advanced automotive dirt removal.
GREAT FOR CAR WASHING - Soak your ride in a mountain of suds to ensure that all the grime, bugs, dirt, sap, dust, and other contaminants from the road are loose before you try to wipe them off. Professional attachments and accessories for guys who love cars.
BOTTLE NECK WONT CRACK - Scroll through the images of all the generic canons, you'll see a common theme: Cracked necks. Our design built a plastic thread into brass cap. So plastic-plastic attachment will protect your bottle neck from crack and falling off.
Q: Why is it important to wash my car?
A: In addition to keeping your car looks great, regular washing removes soils such as bird droppings, bugs, and pollution that can damage your car.
Q: Which detergent can I use for Foam Lance?
A: Normal car washing detergent are all suitable.
Q: Can I use Foam cannon for other purposes?
A: As long as the Foam can be rinsed off,the Foam Cannon can be applied for many purposes,such as window cleaning,floor cleang,fence cleaning,bike cleaning and so on.High Pressure Foam Lance suppliers

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