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P24FJ256GA106 UART Help

I am trying to set up a bootloader for the P24FJ256GA106. I have followed the instructions and browsed the forums as much as I can. My problem is with the UART not connecting to the PIC. I have successfully programmed the PIC with the bootloader but when I go to write to the PIC from the ds30 GUI, it times out when searching for BL.

I'll attach a zip of the program to show how I have it currently set up.

Any help is appreciated.


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.zip (Size: 18.16 KB / Downloads: 27)
Is the UART working in your application?
What does your crystal/oscillator setup look like?
Yes, the UART works well in the application.
The setup uses an external 32MHz oscillator.

Thanks for the reply.
Which pins do you use for rx and tx?

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