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18F25K20 again ?
I am stumped.

I got this bootloader going on a 16F887 and a 18F14K22.
I have been struggling with the 18F25K20 for 3 days now. The GUI simply does not recognise the chip. I checked weather PLL was enabled but it seems not to be the case. I used an osciloscope to chect the tx output but I cant make sense of it.

None of the previous posts on the same chip has helped.

What am I missing ?

Thanks for a great bootloader.

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I cannot spot any problem with your code. I assume that the uart is working in your application. Try these changes:

-change baud rate to 9600

-enable brg16

-change baud rate to 9600
-enable auto baud rate detectio in both fw and gui

4. Check oscillator frequency. Test code is available in ds30loader.s:
        ; Toggle pin, frequency on pin = PIC frequency / 16
        if 0
            bcf    TRISx, TRISxx
tsfloop        bsf LATx, LATxx
            bcf LATx, LATxx
            bra tsfloop
I feel kinda stupid, but I have to say a BIG THANKS Mikael.

It turnes out that the MAX3232 chip I was using simly looped back EVERYTHING sent to it from the terminal. So everytime I do a loopback to test the serial port by shorting out TX and RX on the 3232 it would work and I would asume everything is ok.
I wrote a program for the pic to send acending numbers to the terminal and when that did not work I found the problem with the 2323.

Thanks again for a great bootloader, your advice and support.
Thank you for the update and feedback.

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