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Internal error 0x320A, while programing dsPIC33FJ128MC802, second time.

I am using the version "ds30_Loader_130708" to program my microcontroller dsPIC33FJ128MC802. FYI, I do not use a physical UART, but a bluetooth module with SPP. Once I program the bootloader into my microcontroller and then using the BL, I program my application code. Both BL programming and subsequent application code works fine (As shown below): -
Initiating write...
Searching for bl . . . . .
Found dsPIC33FJ128MC802 fw ver. 4.0.3
Waiting for the boot loader to be ready...ok
Hex file successfully parsed
Writing flash....ok
Tx 28kB / Rx 166 bytes / 16.3s
Write successfully completed

Once I want to program my micro the second time (after a power on), the BL fails to program and gives the following error: -
Initiating write...
Searching for bl . . . .
Internal error 0x320A, contact MGDS
Tx 4 bytes / Rx 4 bytes / 3.3s
Write failed

What could be the probable reason for this "internal error"? My application code continue to work fine. I have same config bit settings in both BL and application code. Also, I have increased the "BLINIT" and "BLTIME" to 10000 (just in case). What else am I missing?
What is SPP? Can you please try to Delay after port open to a few seconds under the advanced tab in ds30 Loader GUI and see if that makes a difference.

Do you press write within 10s after power-up?

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