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dsPIC33FJ16GS504 XC16 Timed out issue
Hi Mikael and everyone.

First of all thank you for sharing your dsPIC bootloader.
I am currently working on a dsPIC33F and trying to implement your bootloader via MCP2200 USB to UART converter.

However, i can't reach the bootloader from USB (COM port) Huh

On the GUI I clicked on the BL check button, and then after a while a message appears "Timed out". To conclude, I can't program anything through USB. Undecided

More details : I'm using XC16 compiler and I have created a new MPLABX project with all your sources.
I've correctly modify the PPS register, but I dont know where to specify PLL registers (if I have to) so i came back on the FRC oscillator but nothing more happened.
Baudrates in GUI is the same as in bootloader.
There is no problem during compiling but it seems include define from ds30loader.s are not pointing out any include files attached with the project.

I would be very grateful if you can take a look at my project. Smile
You can find it as attached file.

Thanks in advance


.zip   dsPIC33FJ16GS504 (Size: 71.27 KB / Downloads: 33)
Hi Paul,
I will take a look at this once I get time.

Thank you very much for taking my request in consideration Smile
No problem, I'm waiting and keep on trying to find a solution
Do you need to configure the internal oscillator to operate at 7,37MHz?
yes in order to test it. But later i want it to work with my 78MHz PLL ( = 39MIPs with a 12MHz quartz)
Actually I don't know where to specify these clocks settings nor what kind of asm code add in it.

Thanks again for your help Smile
Solved with help of this thread:

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