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Hi Mikael,

This is a great bootloader, however I'm having a bit of trouble getting it going on my application and would be really grateful of some guidance.

I've edited the and files, it compiles and programs fine but when I try to check for bootloader or write the user program using the GUI I get a timeout.

External clock 19.6608MHz
UART 1 RX = P31 (RP10); TX = P32 (RP17)
No flow control connections

Copied the config word settings from my program which works when I program it directly onto the PIC.

Any suggestions are welcome,



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Good news, I've got it working. Just needed to add the two lines below in the file:

; Receive, map pin (10 = 1010) to uart
bclr RPINR18, #U1RXR0 ;xxx
bset RPINR18, #U1RXR1 ;xxx
bclr RPINR18, #U1RXR2 ;xxx
bset RPINR18, #U1RXR3 ;xxx
bclr RPINR18, #U1RXR4 ;xxx
bclr RPINR18, #U1RXR5 ;xxx <<<<< added this line

; Transmit, map uart to pin
bset RPOR8, #RP17R0 ;xxx
bset RPOR8, #RP17R1 ;xxx
bclr RPOR8, #RP17R2 ;xxx
bclr RPOR8, #RP17R3 ;xxx
bclr RPOR8, #RP17R4 ;xxx
bclr RPOR8, #RP17R5 ;xxx <<<<< added this line

Great bootloader :-)

Many Thanks,

Hahah Finally ! Thank you so much neil !
It resolves my problem too Smile
These 2 lines were missing.
I'm so happy the bootloader works very well.

Thanks again Smile
Hi Neil,
Thank you for the bug report. I will add these two lines to the package.


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