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problem with response of the bl
ok, before at everything, thanks for your good job with the bootloader, its a very good tool, and very useful,ok, i will try to explain my issue, in others post i can see the same issue, the response of the bl only works the first time, and then, when i try load another .HEX, the bl not work.

Also i can see, which the solution in most cases is the upgrade of the GUI, but, i have the last version (1.5.7), and not is the fix for this case.

My PIC, is 16F1936, Fosc is 20Mhz, the file settings work fine, i can compile, and i can program the firmware, i can load my aplication (.HEX),but the bootloader response only the first time.

My GUI,have the option of reset, because i not desire have the signal RTS for reset. but not work for find the response of the bootloader.

if i put the option reset for signal RTS, everything its ok, and work perfectly.
i dont know what happend, maybe its bad configuration for my part, or, i dont know.

exist another fix for this issue??
can you please explain me how can i do this??

sorry for my english.
A reset command need to implemented in your application. Have you done that?
ok, its ready,everything was my fault, my interpretation of the function not was the correct,sorry, all works fine now,thanks

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