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PIC24FJ64GB002 with USB OTG (device, CDC class) [solved]

I have a project with a PIC24FJ64GB002 which has USB OTG. I'm wondering if I can use ds30 bootloader with it and what would be the "workflow"? First program ds30, then upload CDC class with the help of a FT232 chip, then connect PIC directly to a PC USB port?

Are there some examples of ds30 working with PIC's USB? If you can provide me some guide lines to help putting me on the right way I'll be grateful.

ds30 Loader does not support USB directly. Only using a UART<->USB chip.
Does that answer your question?
What would have to change to support USB?
Are there some plans to support USB?

It is probably easier to add boot loader functionality to an existing USB framework than to add USB support to the ds30 Loader free edition.
There is no plan to support USB in the free edition.

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