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Bluetooth DS30
I have tried a four pin Bluetooth dongle to replace the bootloader cable and have failed. Everything seems to work except DS30 cannot find the remote bootloader when the 18F25K22 is manually reset. I am wondering if anyone has tried this ?. To keep things simple I set the DS30 to 9600 baud on the command line to match the default 9600 baud of the Bluetooth dongle. I would really like to know if this is possible as it would solve another problem I have and that is the USB TTL cable powers the Target board through the input protection diodes on the PIC and that stops the LCD from properly resetting. Thank you .... John
Is it working with a regular serial connection?
Any update on your problem?
1. Start a new thread.
2. This appears to be more of a Linux question rather than a ds30 Loader issue.
3. There is no code.

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