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New release March 25th 2012
ds30 Loader engine
Bugfix: PIC24F32KAxxx flash size
Bugfix: PIC24FK devices can't write configs, now disabled in ds30 Loader
Bugfix: PIC18 config end address
Bugfix: crash when trying to write configs on PIC18FJ and PIC24FJ devices
Bugfix: gaps was filled with 0x00 instead of 0xff, introduced in 1.5.0
Bugfix: http file writing
Improvement: time-out control
Improvement: don't export all configs, only thoose found, other might not be implemented
Improvement: minor hex parse performance
Improvement: discards data in rx buffer after sending reset command, prior to sending hello (improves reliability with application that continously sends data)
New feature: dont write empty pages

ds30 Loader GUI 1.5.1
Bugfix: http file writing
Bugfix: added exception handling when setting clipboard text when creating a console command
Bugfix: file settings was not remembered when file name was edited and not selected from "Open file"
Bugfix: bug when switching files when terminal is open
Bugfix: crash when opening terminal and no baud rate is selected
Bugfix/improvements: distribution settings
Improvement: devicel list is sorted after flash size for all 16-bit families
Improvement: when messageboxes and dialogs are shown, always on top is temporarily disabled
Improvement: send \0 in the terminal
Improvement: when transmit fails in the terminal an error is printed
Improvement: minor tweaks in the info window
Improvement: read is disabled when terminal is open
Improvement: PIC32 support
Improvement: warns if no reset baud rate is selected
Improvement: selection of flash and eeprom read
Change: non existing files are not removed from the history
Change: Terminal control grouping
Change: naming of recent files
Change: adjusted read checkboxes
Change: removed website link on help menu
Change: renamed help menu to ?
Change: removed term tx crc
New feature: gui window min/max size in the settings file
New feature: drag & drop is supported
New feature: send \r and \n in the terminal
New feature: ds30 Loader engine is run in a separate thread

ds30 Loader console 1.0.7
Improvement: progress is shown as dots
Improvement: password can be entered interactively
Change: write arguments are renamed (flash, eeprom & configs)

Firmware PIC12F & PIC16F 1.0.2
Bugfix: brg16 for some devices including 16f88x
Improvement: configurable write verification for both flash and eeprom
Improvement: added configurable delay for tx enable pin
Improvement: status register is cleared on exit, improves compatibility with some compilers
Improvement: separate timeouts for hello and data rx
Improvement: new settting KICK_WD
Change: size is now 256 words

Firmware PIC18F 3.0.2
Improvement: added delay for tx enable pin

Firmware 16-bit devices 4.0.3
Improvement: added delay for tx enable pin
Improvement: more supported devices
Change: size for PIC24F

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