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16f87 Write Flash failed errors [solved]
Using an F87 with Max3222 at 4.5 volts.
Programs fine with a full programmer keep getting timeouts on the DS30 loader ? I saw a few other posts and no real solutions.
Any ideas ???

Initiating write...
Opening port Communications Port (COM1)@19200
Searching for bl . . . .
Found PIC16F87 fw ver. 1.0.2
Bootloader placement/size: 8/8
Waiting for the boot loader to be ready...ok
Hex file successfully parsed in 0ms
Writing flash....
skipped the rest

Erasing page 6 @ 0x00C0...ok
Writing row 48 @ 0x00C0...ok
Writing row 49 @ 0x00C4...ok
Writing row 50 @ 0x00C8...ok
Writing row 51 @ 0x00CC...ok
Writing row 52 @ 0x00D0...ok
Writing row 53 @ 0x00D4...response timed out
Write flash failed
Closing port
Tx 802 bytes / Rx 64 bytes / 5.4s
Write failed
I did notice this in the file
#define BLPLW 256
;bootloader placement, words from end, should be a multiple of 64

DS Loader says under Info Window
Start Address 0xF40

I changed to Custom Boot Loader under advanced and said
placement 1 page from the end size 1 page
Attached is fully working configuration PIC16F87. If that doesn't work for you, you have a problem with your hardware.

Dont set custom boot loader in the gui.

Attached Files
.zip   firmware (Size: 28.95 KB / Downloads: 6)
OK, got it working. I think my voltage was a little high on the test bench. I saw some glitching in the terminal softare. The max3222 calls for 0.1 uf caps from 3.0 to 3.6volts. I have it working now in the range of 3 volts which is what I needed to interface with the transceiver module.

Thanks for your help !

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