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PIC16F1938 errors [abandoned]
Hi, I'm new here so excuse any infringements!
I have recently moved to the 16F1938. Previously 16F873A was my device. I have always used a Mikroelektronika bootloader with the older chip, no problem.

I tried the DS30 and PICKIT3 to program the newer device. It bootloads fine, but will only update the program one time. Next attempt we get searching for bl...... then time out.

Examining the program memory file, the new code is located at 00 not relocated to a new position.

The code works fine if it is blown direct by the PicKit or bootloaded by DS30. The same issue is seen with the ME bootloader and their programmer as well.

Is this something wierd with the 16F1938 memory organisation?

The programmer device is set (conf 1 = 00011111100100 and conf 2 = 011101111111). 32 MHz CKout on RA7 PLL x 4 On
TX control is portc.0

Attached is data read from PIC, #1 & #2 is after bootload is programmed, #3 & #4 after simple port toggle & uart in / out program is loaded. Jpeg is screen shot of loader OK.
OSCCON = 11110000. Tx control is portc.0

Any ideas would be helpful.

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Please attached the modified file and the output from the gui with debug mode enabled (enable advanced mode first).

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