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16F1782 settings [solved]

I wanted to do some experiments with a bootloader on the 16f1782. I picked the ds30 loader because it lists the chip as supported.

The loader does not build for the 16f1782 because it has no entry in the 16f devices .inc file.

What are the parameters for the 16f1782? I can guess rom and ram sizes, but do not know what to set for device id etc. Although it is probably easy to find out I thought I could ask here first, since the 16f1782 is officially supported...

Please find an updated file.

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thanks, works perfectly, after setting it up for my oscillator config!

I could even change the bootloader placement from 256 to 192 words from end without issues.

Still I have one question: What happens with configuration words?

I'm new to PIC16, but from what I understand the configuration words are at special adresses, so it would not be possible it have different configuration words for bootloader and main firmware.

This would mean I should setup the bootloader with the configuration that I like to have for the final firmware. And I would have no chance of changing them later on (without programmer). Correct?

"Write configs" is greyed out in the GUI - is this because it is not supported on PIC16F?
That is correct, RTSP of config bits are not supported by PIC16.

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