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Will this work for 18F26K22 with these conditions?

I possibly have the need to move from the PIC16F1938 (using TinyBootloader) to the PIC18F26K22. I had modified the PIC code for the TinyBootloader for the 16F1938 to allow for the following: upon entering the bootloader routine, the PIC must check a bit from EEPROM. If the bit is set, it should continue on with the bootloader code, and clear this bit in EEPROM. If the bit is cleared, it should skip over the remaining bootloader code and exit to the main program (we need to start fast when not actually trying to bootload new code in). Is it possible to enter code in to do this and where?

Also, we have a transceiver IC between the outside world and the UART pins we need to use. So when receiving, I have to disable the transmitter/enable receiver using a port pin, and when transmitting I need to disable the receiver/enable transmitter. Does this also work ok with this bootloader?

Before I get too deep into trying this out, wanted to make sure this was even possible. I don't even have any of the 18F26K22 chips yet. I see a "ds30loader.asm" under the directory for the 18F firmware. Is this the file where these changes must go that I speak of?

Thank you very much!
Yes that should be possible. You can enter your code in ds30loader.asm or in

Code to enable/disable the interface circuit goes in

Thanks for the reply, Mikael. I'll give it a go, then, when I get some 18F26K22 PICs in. Hopefully I can get it working.


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