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Searching for bl...
Hi! This is my first post here! I am trying to use your bootloader and so far I am facing a few problems. I am using a PIC16F877A micro and I made the apropriate changes at your MpLab files in order to meet my spesifications (UART selection, baud rate, main frequency etc). I am using an ICD3 in oder to program the bootloader.

Every time that I am programming the boolloader (using the ICD3) and then I am using for the first time your GUI to program the PIC everything is working perfectly! After that If I try to use again the GUI in order to program another hex file it says:

Searching for bl ........
and then time out.

I am reseting my PIC at the beginning or at the middle or at the end but always the same problem. If I reprogram again the bootloader using the ICD3 and then try to load a hex with your GUI it works perfectly for the first hex... but if I try another one nothing.

Any help?
Please post the entire boot loader MPLAB IDE project.
Here is the full Mplab project:

I am using an external 4MHz crystal at my PIC16F877A.

And before I make the bootloader file and use the ICD3 for programming I am setting the fusses manually (that's why I comet the fuses that you have set inside the code):
WDTE: Disabled
PWRTE: Disabled
BOREN: Disabled
LVP: RB3 is digital pin, MCLR is used
CPD: protection off
WRT: protection off
CP: protection off
Which version of the GUI are you using? Have you tried the latest? This problem should be fixed.
I've download everything from here:
Is this is the latest edition?

I think that the problem is at what you describe on the ds30 Loader - Main Manual (page 7, "Prepare the Application" paragraph). I just read the documentation - huge misstate that I did that now!
It seems that my compiler it includes automatically a "nop" command at location 0x00. You are saying that I must have a goto command there. A goto that will point where? I should program the bootloader and always check where the compiler starts (for example from the disassembly listing) in order to write this bootloader start address at my application goto command? It's always a fixed location?

I am using MpLab but with CCS C Compiler. Do you know how I will include this goto command?
Run the GUI and check the version in the lower right corner.
I am running version 1.5.5
That is not the latest:
It is working perfectly now!
Many thanks!!!

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