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[SOLVED] Problem in donwloading on PIC24FJ256GB108
Hi everybody,

I have a problem in downloading an hex file on a PIC24FJ256GB108.
Attached is the screenshot of the error. I don't understand what could be the problem since the PIC choice is correct.

Is it possible to have the source code DLL of ds30loader?


Best Regards

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You probably have an oscillator or baud rate mismatch. Please zip the boot loader MPLAB IDE project and post it here.

Hi Mikael,

Do you want the .hex file which I have to download?
Or the bootloader .hex file?

I'm not using MPLAB IDE to develop my firmware so I don't understand what i have to post.


Best Regards
Hi Everybody,

Now it works. I changed file and ds30loader works very well.

There was a mistake in oscillator and baud rate as Mikael wrote me.

Thank you!

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