Firmware features

  • Ready to use MPLAB IDE and MPLAB X IDE project.
  • Reliability is proved by the usage of ds30 Loader in demanding industries such as automotive, medical and oil.
  • The application rarely needs a custom linker script.
  • Requires no or very small code modifications.
  • Single firmware per family.
  • Small size.
  • Communication checksum control.
  • Write verification.
  • Easy configuration by defines in a single file.
  • Boot loader protection.
  • Very fast download.
  • EEPROM write.
  • Configuration write.
  • UART operation RS232 / RS485.
  • Auto baud rate detection.

Host applications features

  • Device reset by dtr, rts or command.
  • Checks hex file for code that would overwrite the boot loader.
  • Device activation by dtr or rts.
  • Tx echo verification.

Host GUI application features

  • Built-in serial terminal emulator.
  • Provides detailed hex file analysis.
  • Runs on Windows.

Host console/terminal application features

  • Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.