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relative filenames in xml files?
Hi Mikael:

I like to keep the loader exe, related xml files, and hex files for my finished projects in one folder. This makes it easy to move to a different machine if needed (or email to someone), with one small problem: the hex filenames are in the xml files in absolute form (C:\yada-yada...hex). This means if I copy the folder from my dev laptop to a machine at the bench I must place the folder in exactly the same location (the easiest of which is simply at c:\), otherwise I need to reload every hex file and delete the old ones in the gui.

Is there a way to use relative filename references in the xml files (for example, test.hex or myfolder\test.hex)?



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relative filenames in xml files? - by teletype-guy - 2013-02-19, 05:32:38

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